My first post for Ramadan 2013: Conquer yourself

My mind is always on overdrive. I think way too much. So now that Ramadan is here I can barely contain the myriad of thoughts and reflections spinning around. The best part is I re-discovered this blog which will serve as a much needed outlet 🙂 Last time I posted some Qur’anic reflections, but this year I think I’ll keep it more general. We’ll see how things evolve.

And with that, my first reflections:

Ramadan is for conquering. Conquer your nafs (lower self) with the discipline of fasting.You are capable of so much more than you think. But it’s your nafs that tells you can’t or you’ll do it later or you are ‘right’ when doing the wrong thing. Seriously, these are long summer days. People are going to get on your nerves. But if you can stop yourself from eating and drinking, and if you can restrain yourself from reacting to everything that annoys you, you have done so much! You’ve pinned down that nafs WWF-style for 30 days (inshAllah)! That nafs is going to have a very hard time coming back up for air. CHAMPION!
Conquer time. What happens to me is that I realize I can do so much because I have let go. I read more Qur’an, spend more quality time with people and can help out more. This has to do with getting out of scarcity-mode, but i’ll elaborate more in another post inshAllah.

Finally, conquer your fear of getting close to Allah. Many of us have this fear and we don’t realize it. We either believe satan’s whisperings that we are worthless, that we will never be able to truly get close to Allah and if we do it’s momentary; or we simply fear on losing out. We think being ‘religious’ is this box of holier-than-thou people or those who don’t know how to have fun or that we won’t be able to enjoy life. Nothing could be farther from the truth. If you are close to Allah, you are free. You are not shackled by your own nafs nor are you tied down by other people. You can choose freely because you do not fear. You can love freely because you don’t have ridiculous expectations.


Ramadan is for conquering!


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