Have an open mind

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم


They said, “O Salih, you were among us a man of promise before this. Do you forbid us to worship what our fathers worshipped? And indeed we are, about that to which you invite us, in disquieting doubt.” [Surat Hud, 11:62]

The people of the Prophet Salih (as) were incredulous that he was inviting them to do something their forefathers never did. While the example is specifically for worship, it has so many manifestations. How many times are we advised but we resist the idea because ‘that’s not how we do it?’. It might make perfect sense but you reject it because that’s not the way you were taught.
This is what this aya is teaching us. Don’t hold onto views stubbornly especially when a better alternative comes your way. Have an open mind and be a seeker of truth. It might be uncomfortable to begin with, but really, what’s the point of holding on to something ‘just because’? The world will never change if we do not first change the way we think about things.
The world is so vast and Allah has given us so much. Let go of desiring control through sticking to your way despite the fact that you know it’s wrong.
May Ramadan and our connection to the Qur’an teach us news ways to interact with the world.

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