Ramadan is abundance!

I learned something amazing from AbdelRahman Mussa: that Islam is Abundance not scarcity!

To summarize, scarcity mindset is that there isn’t enough to go around. There isn’t enough time for example. So we become stingy with time because ‘there isn’t enough of it’. Abundance mindset is the opposite. There is more than enough time. So we become generous. I may not be able to see you today, but I’ll see you in two days. There’s more than enough time. So chill. (It goes deeper, but my reflection today is about abundance and time).

This Ramadan made me realize this. Usually I have my worship plan and so when things get in the way- my mom asks me to do something, we have to go over to family’s house etc. and it was in the ‘wrong time’, I would get annoyed. I’d do them of course, but internally, I was anxious and irritated. This is a problem. Firstly, there was a flaw in the way I was thinking. If I am doing my worship for Allah, then my mom asking me to do things, or me visiting family and so on, are also ways of getting closer to Allah. It’s just a different route to the same goal. Secondly, I was in ‘scarcity’ mindset. If I do x, I won’t be able to follow through with my worship plan! There isn’t enough time! OH NO!

We (I) forget that Allah puts baraka when you do things with the right intention and in the right way. And baraka means increase- abundance! Honestly, sometimes your plan will get messed up so that you realize that your plan was to achieve a higher goal, not just a plan for the sake of it.

So this year, I made a loose plan but I said my priority was to help my family and be good to them, for the sake of Allah. Whatever they ask me to do, I’ll do. So I was asked to babysit and to run errands. Which I did without the least bit of feeling that I might miss out on something else. But the amazing thing is, and I have no idea how, I still have so much time. I can do even more than last year when i was annoyed. I’ve read so much Qur’an and watched beneficial videos AND helped out at home. ABUNDANCE!

Remember that Allah puts baraka. Don’t be in the scarcity mindset. Allah is Generous and He gives and gives and rewards even the tiniest of intentions, let alone actions combined with those good intentions. Allahu akbar!


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