Pace yourself

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Ramadan gives us an amazing burst of energy. For the most part, doing good deeds feels easier.

But what if that’s not the case? What if we entered Ramadan not really feeling it, or our commitments got in the way of everything we wanted to do, or we got disheartened for whatever reason?

That’s ok too. It doesn’t mean you are bad. It just means you need to plan differently. Some of us think that Ramadan has to be this 24 hours of purely devotional deeds. Of course if you can do that then that’s great. Remember that Ramadan is your bonus. Yes we need to push a little harder. But Allah knows your situation and your circumstances. You might be working long hours and feeling really tired. So build up your Ramadan. Do a little more everyday. Perfect your intention for your acts. And more than anything make du’a. Ask Allah to put that light in your heart.

The Prophet (pbuh) told us that the best deeds are those that are consistent even if they are few. Build up the beginning of your Ramadan so that during the last 10 days, you really are pushing yourself.

This also applies outside of Ramadan. We all go through ups and downs but the important thing is not to give up on ourselves. Take it slow, one small step at a time. You will make it inshAllah.


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