Starting late


My reflections are starting a little late this year- been so busy the past few days. At first, I felt so bad about this. But it opened my eyes to something. Allah says in the Qur’an:

“And the home of the Hereafter is best for those who fear Allah ; then will you not reason?” [Surat Yusuf, 12:1O9]

When Ramadan started, while I had a list of goals ready, there was something missing- until I read this verse. It is so easy to get attached to the things of this world and even the means we use to get to Allah. We forget that this is all temporary. That this life is the journey, but the destination is somewhere else completely.

And this lead me to something else- the true goal of Ramadan. And the true goal of Ramadan is fast from everything else other than Allah. It is a time to connect to Him and to remember that this journey is to Him. And that puts everything into perspective. Why should we be angry that helping out family means we missed out once on taraweeh at the mosque- we can pray at home and helping them is beloved to Allah.

This Ramadan should be about connecting. Throw everything else away. We are travelers on a journey home.

Counsel: Remind yourself every morning of where you are journeying, and take time out in the evening to talk to Allah.


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