Ramadan 2015: Upwards and Onwards

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم


As the first day of Ramadan started, a part of me felt anxious. ‘I really hope I can get back on track and achieve my goals’. And Allah is al-Kareem, so infinitely generous. I started thinking of my old Ramadans.

When I was younger, it was simply about not eating and drinking, as well as trying to be good.

Then it included taraweeh.

Then it included reciting more and more Qur’an.

Then it was about heartfelt du’as.

Then it became about reflecting on the Qur’an.

Then it became about learning the spirit behind our acts of worship.

Then I wanted to make permanent changes to my character.

These memories made me smile. Being a Muslim is more than just ‘being’; but it is about becoming. Every year, every day, we try to become better than we were the day before or the year before. And this is one of the beauties of Ramadan: it calls you to your best self. Every year you came back and take an oath to be better. Allah tells us:

“Those who strive for Us: we will surely guide them to Our way”

If you take that step towards Allah, He will keep lighting up the path and showing you more of it even though you couldn’t see where it would lead. And now you can look back over all of those miles you traversed and realize that you have been moving forward, by His Grace.

So to everyone, Ramadan Kareem: Upwards and Onwards!


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